Gentle Disturbance challenges our preconditioned perceptions of the physical world with inanimate objects and the possibilities within it. This is a witty, eerie and mischievous approach to disrupt the familiar and alter our expectations of what inanimate objects can and should do. Infusing both inanimate objects and nature together to create a haunting and visually pleasing experience. The purpose of this film is to energise the space and to create an enchanting dialogue between human beings with inanimate objects and nature. To create scenarios for the viewers to experience something familiar, but acting in a way that it is not supposed to. Making inanimate objects do things that they should not do, things that we have certain expectations about, and perform the unexpected. Focusing on recognisable objects that people have a reference to in their everyday lives. Featuring them in an unusual setting and revealing only the essentials through finding unique and mysterious forms. This enhances the value and identity of the object as well as respecting the existence of nature and keeping its dignity. It will be confronting and powerful and it will speak for themselves, but in a language of mysteries and disconcerting. With eccentric and imaginative determinations, this abstract/experimental film is creating moments of wonder and an uncanny experience to make people become more aware of themselves and their surroundings; a place where people are a little bit dazed by the disturbance of the familiar because it is something you would not expect the two to be together.
Blackwervolk - Wild nature

Mura Masa - Lotus Eater (Tonton Remix)
Telepath with Nature
Skit - East Dreams
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