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A critical design that aims to educate the audience to appreciate the cultural diversities embedded in languages through the examination of loanwords from English to Chinese. Within the understanding of why and how languages borrow lexical items from one another. Appreciating how intricate the language system functions and how language interaction has enriched each culture, thus it aims to bridge the gap between two different cultures. Understand the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of why languages have to borrow words from other languages. Understand how loanwords can reveal the phenomenon of language. Understand the linguistic process and structure of loanwords. Appreciate the phenomenon resources found in loanwords. Appreciate the cross cultural communication ability through loanwords. three main types of loanwords are Phonetic Loan, Semantic Loan and Phono-semnatic; principles by Einar Haugen.
Three main types of loanwords are Phonetic Loan, Semantic Loan and Phono-semantic; a principle by Einar Haugen.
Phonemic loans or transliterated loanwords in Mandarin Chinese refer to words that are phonologically similar both in English and Chinese. What if Chinese has its own alphabet set?
Not in the sense of how they pronounce nor the meaning, but simply looking at the shape of the word. Visually finding similarities.

Book 1 : Phonetic Loan
'Finding similarities' table with English alphabet visually compared with the similairities of the Chinese characters
Semantic loans refers to word-for-word (or morpheme- for-morpheme) translations of some foreign words or expressions. This idea is reflected in the typography deign where the Chinese character and the English word have merged together to transform the exact same meaning; closing the gap between two cultures.
Book 2 : Semantic Loan
Words borrowed in this way are not only phonologically similar in English and Chinese, but the Chinese characters selected to represent the sound also have a meaning that is compatible with that of the
original word. Reflecting through visual depictions of their meanings; regardless of culture background, one should be able to understands it.
Book 3 : Phono - Semantic 
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