Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design

Examine normal.
Rethink your beliefs.
Connect with your city,
A city you call home...
In the City of Thoughts. ​​​​​​​
Sydney exists in our minds. Each individual imagines the city differently. A kaleidoscope of impressions, made up of people and places. The contemporary character of this city is deeply ingrained in our minds and it can be difficult to imagine how Sydney existed at other times in history. How it was used, why and what it meant to people now passed. The sense of connection to this place - which has been home for so many - is at the heart of this project, Open House : Ex. Open House 2014 explores ideas of the changing city and provokes questions about how we negotiate our relationship with the urban world, the past, and the people living around us. Made up of six installations developed by teams of design students from the University of Technology, Sydney, Open House addresses themes of recorded and missing history / our connection to home / the shifting nature of place / the city at night / and perception of identity. City of thought is one of the installation in this exhibition.
The area that we occupied for our installation was a simple area, 10m x 2m on the bottom level of the foundation park; complex. It was a paved area. In terms of Environmental impact, our installation was very environmentally friendly; we did not use anything that might have a detrimental effect on the immediate area around us. 
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